Higher Discursive essay

When you return on the 5th January you need to show a rough draft of your second essay. This is either discursive or persuasive and on a topic of your choice.

You need:

your topic

your sources- at least two, and if they are taken from the internet, you need the url in your bibliography

the approach you are taking

An opening draft. There is material to help you choose an approach and style in source in school and on this site (you will need to scroll )

Higher homework


read though the notes ahead of annotating your own copy of the text.

You might also want to read through your main text The Great Gatsby between now and the end of the October holidays.

Start thinking about your discursive/persuasive topic and let me see your proposal asap. You will need to look for sources- these can come from journalism; television programmes; the internet (careful with any source that can be edited). Look for something you have a strong opinion about- and keep in mind that local topics which have a direct impact on you can work well too